Clearing All Spatial Links

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To clear lots of spatial links, the best way is to do it using a small routine the iterates through your locations and deletes all spatial links from that location.

To delete all spatial links from a location use the routine command remove spatial link from ... to ... where you set from = your location and set to = 0. (setting to = 0 will remove all spatial links from the originating location)

The following routine will iterate through all model objects and attempt to delete all spatial links in your system (yep its a quick and dirty way to clear hundreds of spatial links if you dont have a list of your locations)

[ 1] h = Label Count of List:_Model Objects
[ 2] i = 0
[ 3] i = Next Label Index of (i)
[ 4] WHILE (k<h)
 Condition Details:
  k < j
[ 5] Breakpoint if 1 true
[ 6] Remove Link From i to 0
[ 7] i = Next Label Index of (i)
[ 8] Increment k by 1

You may also clear all spatial links that appear on a panel in one operation using the routine operation DeletePanelSpatialLinks.

[ 1]	DeletePanelSpatialLinks(l._Model Objects[Panel_Object])

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