Dynamic Spatial Links

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Dynamic Spatial Links

Spatial links between portals can be added and removed during a model run, using Routine Operations.

When adding, if a link already exists (in either direction) a new one is not added.

When deleting, link(s) in either direction are removed.

No error is given if no links were in place between the 2 portals.

Deleting a spatial link deletes any items on it.

Copy spatial link function enables template spatial links to be copied which is useful for creating spatial link-pipes.

The "Copy From" specifies a spatial link object which has been preconfigued with the required visualisation options.

When you are preparing a number of Spatial Links for use in a Planimate­ Model, you would follow this procedure, whose details are covered elsewhere in this and other pages:

Possible Preparatory Steps
(Dynamic Object Creation):
  1. Create dynamic object definition table
  2. Create dynamic objects (restarts engine)

Spatial Link Addition & Configuration
  1. Create links (using a table if convenient)
  2. Create bend points (if needed)
  3. Set link costs (if needed)
  4. Perform the run