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The Routine operation "RegisterBlockedTrain" enables a modeller using Planimate Tracks to register that a train has become blocked for reasons the track system is unaware

eg: modeller's own lookahead has determined the train should not move

The train is registered at the current portal the routine that executes this operation is located.

The portal exits of this portal will be unblocked when the track system attempts an unblock.

"RegisterBlockedTrain" works way up hierarchy of portals until it finds a portal that is connected to a track network.

This ensures that the same portal gets registered by the modeller and by the track network itself.

Important Points in Use:

  1. This operation should be used in lookahead.
  2. The train should be reachable in a reverse direction from the portal exits (ie: without an intervening capacity) otherwise the unblock message will never reach the capacity at which the train is waiting.