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  • FIX Intermittent File extension corruption on save-as dialog from 11.3.6.


  • FIX Marker lines not always cleared after positioning exit


  • FIX Limit entry behaviour when processing a module click run (11.2.0).


  • FIX Font management issue could cause fault when printing.


  • CHANGE Handling of test runs and license
  • FIX Edu watermark during run


  • FIX Better handling of model errors during panel opn/close broadcasts.


  • CHANGE Tweaks to the /FLIPCOLORS high contrast dark mode.
  • FIX Handle icon commands referencing a missing icon so as to retain the command's override parameters.
  • CHANGE Reposition educational watermark


  • FIX Dialog text could not use an item attribute
  • CHANGE Distribute on a selected set of objects now processes the objects based on relative positions
  • CHANGE Rewording of SetViewportTarget()


  • CHANGE The PL Font Manager no longer considers the following font properties when testing if fonts are identical. This impacts the times when the option to use the default font is offered.
    lfOutPrecision, lfClipPrecision, lfQuality, lfPitchAndFamily (properties of Windows LOGFONT data structure).
    This change follows the assumption that a font's name, size and bold/italic etc. should be enough to distinguish it and is useful when overriding the default system font where the correct defaults for these are not set.
  • FIX Context menus for fonts show the pixel height of the font. This is useful for smaller fonts where the DPI may round to be the same in the standard font select dialog. You can set the pixel height by holding Ctrl when selecting a menu option to change a font. Do this after selecting the font's name/style.
  • REMOVE The "Allow partial transfers" splitter option is removed and now implicit. If "Transfer Item Attributes" is selected, any item attributes that match between the split out classes are set.


  • FIX Font handling from 11.5.3 and 11.5.4 and new message
  • FIX Pasting anchored paint object


  • CHANGE Tweaked font default message from 11.5.3 and using it in paint objects, clock and attribute view.


  • NEW Improve table font editing
  • * Show details of a given font property in edit context menus so overrides are much more obvious (not for cell override yet)
  • * Properly determine the parent override font for data/label fonts following override precedence order ie: cell specific->customised column->column->table->model default
  • * Upon selecting a font, if it matches the default that would be used, PL offers to track the parent or retain the customisation.
    The latter is useful for modules where they may be dropped into models with differing default fonts. Note that this can occur even for new models if the user has changed the default font in the Platform (INI) Options.


  • FIX Compiled PBA adding default class and giving error if the class icon was not included (because the model didn't need it).
  • FIX Routine editor fixed to properly processing non ascii character names to decide whether to test and suggest creation of an attribute.
  • FIX Incorrect processing of non breaking white space would cause corruption of certain unicode text.


  • FIX The auto-suggest in the routine/attribute reference editor now works when non ascii characters are in names/labels.

11.5.0 (model version 825)

  • NEW Routine operation BroadcastLocal() which defaults to using a new broadcast "_Local" sends a broadcast to the scope of the portal containing the Code, including item attributes and sending it immediately whilst the original item waits.
  • NEW Broadcast "_Local" is intended for platform/module developers for very contained use, eg: avoiding a module having to import broadcasts for its internal use.
    Never send this broadcast at a scope which may contain other modules.
  • NEW System broadcast "_Button_Clicked" is availble to modellers to use with buttons, with a strong recommendation that it is sent scoped with a match name to avoid triggering unexpected code.
  • NEW Label list l._yesno has Yes=1,No=0
  • CHANGE The default delay for a Delay object is now 1 again instead of 0.


  • FIX Report change object messaging out of scope of a scoped run.
  • FIX Report missing version 11 icons.


  • CHANGE The default panel background colour for new models is now white. This is set using Settings / Colour Palette in the "Planimate Role Colours" section. Hover to find #147 "PanelBackColor". Panels should use this colour unless you have overridden it in your platform settings or the model was created before the palette theming was implemented in version 8.88.0 (search below).
  • NEW Educational watermark and titlebar.
  • \


  • *** updated _Planimate_System.db (additional icons) ***
  • CHANGE Signing now using sha256
  • FIX Educational license only supported for subscription.


  • REMOVE Change Tracking context menu option for PickUp, DropOff and Track.
  • NEW Change tracking broadcast send _objectstateflags which is formatted to label list l._object_state_flags and reports the state of the object, possibly with multiple bits set such as "Busy" and "Blocked" or "Full" and "Busy" for a Delay.
  • NEW Module names can contain info after a "-" which will not appear in the Module list in the UI.
  • FIX Handle displaying the 0 label in a label list in bit mask mode
  • NEW Label list l._object_change_reason is now default format for _general item ._reason.
  • FIX Topmost forced on 3 button confirmation dialogs


  • NEW Default item attributes are formatted where appropriate.
  • FIX Table Cell broadcast with a _click_type of "Key" was not correctly sending the key code. It is now sent in i._keycode. Currently used only for paste.
  • CHANGE Added more codes to _keycodes label list
  • REMOVE "Broadcast Changes" no longer supported for portals.
  • CHANGE New _general class icon (need new _Planimate_System.db)
  • CHANGE Moved the Break button in Dialog() which appears for modellers only.
  • FIX Prevent bad entered icon overlay name text from proceeding past the text editor.


  • NEW Item class menm option "Add Attributes For All System Broadcast" enumerates all system broadcasts and adds any item attributes not already present in the class.
  • NEW New models now include a general use default item class called "_general". This item class comes preloaded with all the item attributes needed to receive any Planimate system broadcast.
    This class will be useful with modules as it can be assumed present across models without disrupting other item classes the modeller may use.


  • FIX Lockup on inserting row into a filtered table


  • CHANGE Planimate no longer stores recently accessed models in the system registry, It now uses: Users\user\AppData\Roaming\InterDynamics\Planimate\RecentModels.txt
  • FIX Locate a broadcast using view that is in the clipboard.


  • NEW Planimate now supports UNICODE text which enables use of non ASCII characters, including multibyte Asian characters and Emoji. Internally text is handled in a multibyte format called UTF8.
    Older models are translated from the ANSI codepage on the system they are loaded on (determined by the system language settings) and will subsequently save as UTF8, requiring no further translation when they are loaded.
  • NEW Model option Advanced / "Default To UTF8 For File Operations". This determines whether file operations like ReadFromFile() and WriteToFile() will default to using ANSI encoding (as previous versions of Planimate) or UTF8, which uses multiple characters to encode non 7 bit ASCII characters such as the Euro symbol.
    This option is OFF for existing loaded models and ON for new models. This maintains compatibility however be aware that users can now enter characters from any language into text input fields and these are stored internnaly as UTF8. If you write a DAT file in ANSI, the characters may be replaced with "?" if they are not available in your system's current default language codepage, which determines what the upper 128 ascii characters display as.
  • NEW Options for _fileoptions label list as used with ReadfromFile and WriteToFile. These enable override of the default above.
    "UseANSIFormat" forces the use of ANSI encoding "UseUYF8Format" forces the use of UTF8 If both are set, UTF8 is used.
  • NEW Table Editor Export To File / Export To Clipboard has new option "Text Fields As Text" which writes text fields as text instead of binary data. Note this may lose new lines etc. in the text.
  • NEW Table Editor Import and Export options have new option "UTF8 Encoding" which enable use of UTF8 instead of ANSI for data directly written from or exported from the table. Unless you are dealing with international character sets in text labels, leaving this option off is recommended.
  • NOTE Copying and pasting from the clipboard always supports UTF8 as UNICODE text is native to Windows.
  • NOTE DataSet files will have text columns translated on load and are saved with a new version number to avoid this repeating when they are next loaded. At this time DataSet2 does not support object labels that are not 7 bit ASCII.


  • NEW Implement educational version

11.3.4 (model version 824)

  • NEW RepositionPaintObject now supports object labels as well for positioning objects. Either or both Parent and Paint can be a simulation object eg: Portal. To use this, format the reference as an Object Label. Otherwise it defaults to expecting a paint label.
  • NEW Portals have option to hide border during edit. This is useful in some cases with modules but can result in a hard to find object. The portal will still appear in the sidebar and highlight when you select a region in the panel.
  • NEW Icon name commands: use [W:xxx H:yy] to create a sized icon with a null bitmap, which reduces display overhead
  • CHANGE The Panel context menu setting "Object Fill Colour" is now "Queue Fill Colour" and only applies to queues.


  • NEW Module Enhancements Planimate has the capability to run a sub-section of a model whilst the rest is in development. This is used to enable pasted modules to run code that simplifies configuring them.
    When a module is imported or pasted, broadcast "_Module_Added" is sent to its subsystem. When a module is left-clicked in edit mode, broadcast "_Module_Selected" is sent to its subsystem.
    A number of modules are available to demonstrate best practices in handling these broadcasts.

11.1.0 (model version 823)

  • NEW Option "Retain Lookahead Changes To Random Streams". This suspends the usual revert of random stream state when numbers are drawn during lookahead. This is only to be used in specific circumstances where the modeller is using s.DisableUndo


  • NEW Now support copying multiple objects between models and pasting in as models. Top level objects are limited to simulation objects and views of data there-in. Top level flows and paint at the top level objects are not copied.
  • CHANGE Additional fields sent with object change broadcast:
_reason:  1=entry, 2=exit, 3=statechange
_objecttype: l._object_types label list
_dwell: delay item spent (only for exit)
_capacity: the current capacity of the queue or delay object
The broadcast is now sent for item enter/exit of the object or when the object state changes. It must be processed to completion to guarantee order.
  • CHANGE Internal renames


  • NEW Modules Tool Window displays modles in the PlanimateEXEDir\Modules subdirectory, enabling them to be dragged onto the panel like objects. You position a placeholder portal which is replaced with the merged portal once the position is settled.


  • NEW Tools / Show Run Profile report includes "Total SimObjects" which is a count of all simulation objects in the model (will include any in copy buffers).
  • FIX Quoting filename passed to text viewer (used for internal reports).


  • NEW NEW LICENSE REQUIRED This version of Planimate requires a license from the new InterDynamics licensing system. Previous KEY files are ignored. Running without a license will run as a demo which cannot save.
  • CHANGE Renamed objects MultiServer is now Delay Dispatcher is now Queue Change is now Code Classes (in tool bar) is now Items Changed toolbar Object ordering
    (note Icon names have not changed).
  • CLEAN Internal renames and code cleanup