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Release notes, bug fixes and misc enhancements to Planimate 4.13


  • Problems when editing RTF notes fixed
  • prevent selection of another panel while an RTF note is being edited
  • Inplace edit RTF notes do not become active when the background is clicked
  • Added queue "stop on full" option

This is *VERY* useful for debugging - it pauses the model and shows the panel where the queue is located. The item is left in the queue so it can be inspected (if capacity follows the queue the item will move when the model continues)
Single item queues with this option on can be used to catch unexpected conditions in a run and unlike the exit, they enable the problem item to be examined


  • Table driven entry implemented, check TABLEENT.MDL for details

basically the entry feeds from a table, 2 columns must be provided _time : time of event (calendar) _class : class of item to produce (new _item class label)
Events can be posted/unposted to this table on the fly (including in paused mode) and the entry will act correctly
A scheduled item with a time < Simulation time will be produced at the current simulation time
An Entry Option allow optional logging (demonstrated in the model)
Obviously the tables need to be VLTs for this to work...


  • bug fixes to model merge


  • copy/paste ordering rearranged so trip ids are pasted in sequence


more fixes

  • Auto track time fill option now turns off as well
  • Train graph views load in panels, can be added via background menu


[new file format]
  • Fixed label list selection bugs
  • can now add train graph again
  • added item classes to label lists


  • Implemented reading via ODBC (in change object)

Model ODBCREAD and BOOKSALE.MDB demonstrate reading some records into a table.

  • "Refs" button is back into the attribute dialog
  • panel background colour now sets
  • bug when using keyboard in combo boxes in new attribute editor fixed


  • hide bend point option added
  • gantt display row offset can be specified

a value > 0 specifies how many rows to offset the display by



  • new attribute create/edit dialog
  • new table creation dialog, enables commonly set options to be set as a table is added


  • Use the right button to get the cell menu (even when in paused mode)

Note that the options in this menu change depending on what is selected and in the copy/paste buffer

  • left button dragging in a table now forms a selection, shift-dragging extends the current selection
  • can drag past edges to scroll the table
  • rows or columns are selected when you click in their heading, shift clicking extends the selection as for cell selection
  • table column name and title now can be longer
  • importing into a new column also sets the column name when the title is set. If a name exists, its not changed
  • Clipboard export problems (errors on alt-tabbing) fixed (memory allocation issue) - manifested itself under NT4
  • Delete row does not give an error if row count is 0 and row is 1, makes clearing a table always work without having to insert a row

ie: Delete row 1 for RowCount(); will not complain if RowCount() is 0

  • routine: inserting a select also inserts a case as well as end select line
  • object icon handling
  • when a smaller icon is drawn after a larger one, the original icon is properly erased
  • tables will not do complete redraws as routines execute (triggered by inserting or deleting a row); they will be updated once the routine completes. Same applies to file import.

This means you wont get trapped on a screen importing a 10000 row table with a table view updating as each row is added


  • train graph test


[new file format]
  • table format width was not being initialised when first used, now fixed
  • scenario save
  • the display option->Include All Data In Scenario option now only saves portal attributes which are not marked constant
  • pipe activity colour is now an attref for each pipe

(ie: you can dynamically change pipe animation colour)


  • y scale includes 0 option for normal graphs added

(no longer need to have fake 0 point in data to get y scale starting from 0 when auto-scaling)

  • 4 digit year option on date writes to file


  • comma delimiting option now available for reading tables
  • new pipe advanced option

in advanced mode 3 extra attributes enable

  • limiting of amount loaded via a separate load limit attribute which gets decremented to 0
  • accumulation of amount loaded/unloaded

into 2 separate attrefs which can be set independently of the actual bin the pipe uses (hense each pipe's activities can be monitored)


  • scenario load: 0 row table read now supported
  • fixed the loader bug which caused load error if an exported pipe was being loaded
  • exported pipes now appear in the multiple export object add list


  • button bar now hidden by default (display option) and completely implemented

the navigation buttons take you to the first panel found with the names as follows:
"Navigation" "Interdyne" "Inputs" "Outputs" "Run Settings" "Information"
Names may be preceeded by "_". "!" or " ", they will still match as long they are the same (case insensitive) from that point on.
note: This is an initial implementation; more options will be added as priorities see fit.

  • scenario import table bug (vlts) fixed


  • object labels are sorted by name
  • object export name default does not include leading "_" or "!"
  • fixed scan count bug with section times running
  • initial tool bar added (most buttons not yet functional)


  • removed debugging for trip step generation
  • Added new colour selection dialog from Mark
  • Implemented extensive load validation to attempt to reconstruct models which were partially loaded and subsequently saved (corrupting the dynamic hierarchy)


  • attempting tuple append on a fixed length table is now flagged as a row index error instead of corrupting the system

note: You can still TUPLE INSERT on a fixed length table, the row index must be in the valid range; all rows at and after the insert point get pushed down and the last row gets lost


  • Routine attribute renaming should now only alter the local routine
  • Multi label read implemented
  • handles reading either symbol delimited or fixed width (the multi label width parameter determines the max number of characters read per element, the last can be < this value)

New Track menu option Network details:

  • enabling the "Generate Automatically" option shows fields where section running and control info can be bound to a table named by Location Table

For each section, "From" / "To" columns of the table are interrogated. Out Time/Back Time specify the names of ITEM attributes which will determine which table column to use to get the running time
Track 1/Track 2 (Control) specify the name of table columns to use to get this information, since it cannot be item specific yet

The generated lookups from the last run may be inspected using the Track->Section Details view but they cannot be edited if the "Generate Automatically" option is on

  • New "Find" utility being developed by Mark is in the Display menu The search can have '*' and '?' included and will implicitly find strings contained within other strings

eg: searching for CDE will match ABCDE and ABCDEFG
The search is case insensitive.

  • this EXE is built using optimisation; you should notice the system runs quicker. With my new setup I can now run optimisation without waiting half the night for a build!

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