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BUGFIX: Class Submenu under "View" menu now populated
NEW: Servers have an option to prevent a blocked item from blocking other finished items. This makes it act more like a dispatcher when many items are finished and one is blocked.


CHANGE: The Panel Option "Include in Module Configuration Panels" had now been changed to two options: "Include in Module Edit Configuration Panels" "Include in Module Runtime Configuration Panels" Allowing display panels to be include in the modules runtime popup menu
BUGFIX: Crash on merging a module containing panels fixed
NEW: ODBC option to strip trailing spaces from data has been added.
WARNING:Review options on ODBC objects. The bits were not properly enumerated.
This would most likely affect the "Keep database open" option.
NEW: "Line to target" shown when linking spatial/pipe/track network objects


NEW: INI file has a version number. From now on PL EXEs wont overwrite the INI file if it has a newer version than they write.
NEW: INI file includes some comments

CHANGE: The way paint buttons display images has been changed.
If the button has a border, the image is now shown WITHIN the border box of the button (ie: a 1 pixel margin on all sides) in order to leave the border intact.
If the button is set for no border, the image extends all the way to the bounding box of the button, as in previous versions.
This affects only multi-state buttons; I've left paint images objects as-is.
NEW: Save BMP file operation can now save another panel's image to file.
A data target may be included which should be formatted as a portal or panel reference. PL will then activate this panel, grab its image then save it. The panel must not be already visible in a popup.
NEW: Save BMP file operation now has option to show file browser first, enabling user to specify target BMP to save to.
NEW: When a module (portal with "module" option on) which has internal classes is included in a flow, PL will check if there is a mapping for the current class being edited. If there isn't it will offer to allow an internal class to be selected. If the module only has one class, then PL will create a mapping automatically without prompting the user. This simplifies the use of modules with a single scoped class within them.

CLEAN: Removed obsolete step usage tracking code in flow/path database
Loads and copies might be faster


NEW: Portal / Application Panel option "Act As Module" Panel Option "Include in Module Configuration Panels" Turning on "Act As Module" will cause the Portal to search for subsystems containing the "Subsystem is Module Configuration Screen" flag. These substems are presented in the Portal's context menu and will popup when selected. It is recommended to have the popup options "Stay in Front of Main Window" and "Ensure Visable on Display" are turned on for the Configuration Screen subsystems.
BUGFIX: Fixed the shortest queue switch mode
BUGFIX: Object Palette now removes itself from the sidebar before being deleted to create stand alone exE
CHANGE: Agent pickup/dropoff objects changed in palette (the icons were already correct)
CHANGE: Agent Pickup/Dropoff menus simplified (attributes available at objects menu)
CHANGE: Switch option "Assume No Blocking" is now "Switch Cannot Block Items" and is accesible directly from the switch popup menu
BUGFIX: Table browser is bigger
NEW: If a change object has the same name as a system broadcast eg: "_run start" then it will now act as a broadcast receiver for that broadcast. The following special conditions apply:

  • The change object must have no flows associated with it (ie: it must stand alone)
  • An item class called "_bc" must exist and it will be used to carry any matching broadcast attributes
  • The item created within the change object is immediately destroyed after the change object processes the broadcast
  • Change objects that receive broadcasts have a new icon assigned to them

NEW Dispatcher has option to show its broadcast/message icon during run
CHANGE Vertical queues and dispatchers now are 16 pixels wide
CHANGE Right click on an object not in a flow in flow edit mode now gives a popup message rather than a modal dialog


NEW: Paint object click action "View Objects Interaction Menu" tries to open the named objects interaction editor. The command will search within its scope looking for an object that matches the specified name.
BUGFIX: Hiding the button bar while the side bar is visable now redraws the splitter bar correctly.
BUGFIX: Multiserver with a capacity set to 0 sets itself to "Unavail" state now (assuming no items present or blocked in which case the busy/ blocked states take priority
BUGFIX: Flow editor previews the result of a "replace object" properly


(new model file version)

BUGFIX: Track junction enhancement from


now actually works. Have cleaned up testenter/lookahead code for sections so track models should be a bit faster.

UPDATE: Sped up track portal code by caching section pointer at run start
NEW : Flow editor now response to clicks not holds. Makes flow editing quicker
NEW : Can click on entry while editing a flow and a new path is automatically started. Clicking on an entry with an existing path selects that path
UPDATE: Removed "Full" state from portal's state tables
BUGFIX: Should prevent system errors while terminating a track model with booked sections


NEW: Dispatchers display an icon in their corner in some modes:
Broadcast dispatchers display the _DISBC icon Messaging dispatchers display the _DISMSG icon
These icons will be available for download separately in the Planimate 5 region. Drop them in your planimate folder.
Note:Icons will be changing often as PL5 nears release

CHANGE: Fit to model area now takes into account the sidebar presence and width
CHANGE: Class icon in status bar is now to left of the class name
NEW: Track junction enhancement - a train automatically enters a section it has a token on (because of a junction) without needing to do a further lookahead test which could cause the train to get stuck mid-junction.
BUGFIX: Fixed tests for routine editors positioned off screen which was giving bogus message on dual screen systems
BUGFIX: Class remapping now works for items created within a local scope (eg: an item created inside a module)

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