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BUGFIX: Centred label now uses plot colour rather than label colour
BUGFIX: FIle Mneu properly generated in user mode


BUGFIX: Very narrow points in area graphs used to be missed (when viewing a broad time range with a lot of fine data). Now they get plotted as a vertical line.
NEW System attribute "Visible Portal Index"
If the main visible panel is a subsytem of a portal with an object label, that label index is returned. If the top level window is visible, 0 is returned. Otherwise the value is -1
BUGFIX: Icon and Route assignment dialogs at a change object no longer become lost behind the main window.
NEW Plot mode "Centred Label" - works for log driven graphs
This draws just the label string, centred horizontally at the plot point. This enables placement of annoations/labels within the graph.
If you want to reference this mode using the _Plot Modes label list in an older model, add "Labels" with index 8 to the list.


NEW: Context help support added for item pickers and list pickers and links in most PL uses of these dialogs are now in place


NEW: Gather capability in IDKBase search windows (File menu)
Collects together the notes in the window and writes them to a text file


CHANGE: Entry no longer allows distribution for batch size to be edited Older models will still work but new entries wont be able to have a distribution assigned to the batch/item limit. This is NOT the inter-arrival time - that can still have its distribution edited.
CHANGE: Planimate now looks for PL5_MAIN.CHM for its help file

NEW: Control clicking on a context help button will now open IDKBase instead of showing help from the local help file. This will hopefully help make authorship and updating from within Planimate easier.
IF a context help item does not exist for the item you've selected, then you will get an error message then PL will ask if you want to create a new note.
Dont try create notes yet - the IDKBase server EXE needs updating and I'll populate the database with some items I've already written.
(to author notes you need a valid IDKBase login)


BUGFIX: Deleting objects in a flow was also crapped up by the 4.98 fix to module merge (because more code was dependiong on an owner pointer that is now cleared after the object is removed from its manager)


BUGFIX: Deleting multiple selections of dynamic objects caused crash
(changed place where I deregister the multiple selections - owning panel was unknown due to a change made for model merging)


NEW: Logger channel column header section has an extra column at the end
This affects the format of log files.
The column is called "Attribute Type"
This is a string which is set to the type of object/property being logged for that channel.
Possible settings are:
"Count In" Logging in count of an object "Count Out" Logging out count of an object "Occupancy" Logging occupancy of an object "State" Logging state of an object
"Portal" Logging a portal attribute that is not associated with an object attribute
"Cell" Logging a table cell
Other labels may be added in the future.


CHANGE: Default icons are now 16x16
BUGFIX: Change column position dialog now displays correct column count.
CHANGE: Disabling routine lines during run now doesn't get toggled by a double click on the row but rather a popup menu appears in which you can select enable or disable.
BUGFIX: Crash during merging in module fixed (was not NULLing owner of the merged-in portal)
CHANGE: Major rework to file location handling:

  • PLANIMAT.DBG is now placed as follows

First an attempt is made in the EXE's directory. If this is not writeable then an attempt is made in Application Data/InterDynamics/Planimate If this is not writeable an error is given but PL continues and tries the working directory as a last resort (in case its different than the EXE directory)
Previous versions wrote to the working directory.
The idea is to keep the debug file close to the EXE if possible.

  • Planimate looks for the developer's INI file as follows:

First in Application Data/InterDynamics/Planimate/Planimate.INI
If thats not found, then in the EXE directory Planimate.INI if thats not found, then in the EXE directory Planimat.INI
If any of them are found, Planimate will write back updates there.
If no INI file is found, Planimate will write Planimate.INI to its application data directory.
These changes makes working with older versions that overwrite Planimat.INI a bit easier as the newer version will favour Planimate.INI and the older version uses Planimat.INI.

  • Planimate searches for model resources (DBs, BMPs etc) as follows:
  • the current directory (where the model or standalone EXE is
  • the EXE directory (where system DB is)
  • the subdirectory PL_MEDIA under the current directory (if it exists)
  • the Application Data/InterDynamics/Planimate directory

As well as affecting models this means PL will find key files in the Application Data directory. However a keyfile in the Planimate EXE's directory will take precedence.

  • Key file loader no longer works with _SV_KEY.KEY file. The key file is usable (for now) if you rename it to _PL_KEY.KEY

The key loader will now look in Application Data\InterDynamics\Planimate for key files as well. Note that it looks in the working directory first so its possible to have a "local" key for special purposes.
If a key is not found, PL now puts up a file browser so the user can select a key file to use. The file used is copied into the Application Data planimate folder or the EXE folder for older versions of Windows.
If upon attempting to proceed with that key, PL discovers its not valid (eg: its expired, is not a valid key type etc) then PL will delete the copy it just made in order that the user gets another opportunity to pick a key file next time they run PL (avoids users having to locate Application Data ....)
BUGFIX: Running PL with a runtime key with advanced options set (unusual but possible to generate) allowed editing until the first entry into end user mode (after which it would not switch back to edit mode)
BUGFIX: Menu bar with tools hidden fixed (was not updating properly leading to an empty Run menu in Application mode

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