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  • NEW Pipes now support secondary "B" load/unload accumulator targets. These work just like the current load/unload accumulators and are useful for additional logging/control
  • CHANGE Internal rework for new trace logger (not yet available)
  • NOTE Event step debug and item movement logs to debug file (debugging options) are currently unavailable.

5.34h (not released)

  • CHANGE Viewport Sizing Viewports with the "click through" option set used to
reduce the  box made available to the
window within in order to retain a clickable border.
 This occured with the "Directly Handle Clicks" option enabled and was required for viewports to be editable in older PL versions.
 Since 5.31e, editing is always possible so reducing the window rectangle is no longer required.
 This means that viewports with "Directly Handle Clicks" enabled will now have a slightly bigger window area. The overall box of the viewport hasn't changed, just the area it can use to display the other panel.
 This has been done to eliminate single pixel offsets which occured with resizeable panels containing anchored viewports, noticeable if the modeller had set up their own border around the viewport.

  • FIX Stray column of pixels to right of the status bar cleaned up
  • FIX Table view title was slightly too wide when border style was None


  • NEW Distribution dialog has a new mode "Expression" enabling an expression to be used to specify the random generator.
    The expression can draw one or more uniform random numbers (values from 0 to 1) from the distribution's stream using the new system attribute "s.rnd01"
    This system attribute is only useable in a distribution in the new expression mode. This ensures compatibility with the undo mechanisms in the PL engine, which also revert the state of the random generator when the random routine operation is used in a routine in lookahead.
  • NEW A Planimate DLL routine can now be used in any expression within a reference.
    The new notation is:
    Simple Example: Calling a dll function called "sqrt" in a dll called "tools" in a routine line:
    p.result = tools:sqrt(p.attribute)
    Advanced Example: Creating a custom distribution (using the distribution "Expression" mode co-incidentally added in this release)
    In the distribution dialog, select "Expression" then open the editor with the ">" button. Assuming you have a PL DLL called "beta" which implements the inverse Beta CDF function as ibeta(x,alpha,beta)
    You could then use:
    The routine needs to accept only numeric parameters and have a single numeric output (separate to the return value, which is ignored).


  • CHANGE Model palette now has tips for assigned buttons. These are automatically generated based on the button's action.
  • SPEED Sped up table copy (t.table2[] = t.table1[]) in case where table2 is empty (no rows/columns) Was doing a redundant copy in that case
  • FIX Log/Train/Gantt/Column graph sizing when there is no time scroller or x scale but there is a y scale would cause the y scale to go off the bottom of the graph.
  • FIX A PL PBA now continues even if it cannot create application data directory on startup.
  • FIX Reworked message handling to fix a subtle menory corruption when windows were closed as a result of a message sent to them vs. external reasons (eg: user change panel)
    This was only noticed under the debugger

5.34e (new MDL version)

  • NEW Item class context menu option "Add Attributes For Broadcast" This will add all the item attributes that a particular system broadcast kind will set.
    At this stage it leaves them formatted as values, it might be useful to reformat object labels etc. to their label list.
  • NEW Panel option (Engine) "Broadcast Item Clicks". When set, any items clicked on the panel will send the new "_Item Click" broadcast.
    This will copy all matching item attributes to the broadcast item then set:
"_id"      : The item clicked
"_x","_y"  : The panel co-ordinate clicked
"_location": The nearest owning portal index of the panel the item is on
"_object"  : The object index of the object the item is in
"_buttons" : Which mouse button 1 = Select, 2 = Context
 In a non PBA, ctrl-clicking an item will show the inbuilt item info popup.

  • NEW Palette "Model Palette" contains 12 buttons which can be assigned click-actions by right clicking on them. Modellers can use this to store common panel jumps, broadcasts etc. for model development/debugging.
  • CHANGE The Change Folder buttons in the icon mover now use the system change folder dialog. To select a DB, select its folder first then pick the DB from the palette/combo list.
  • FIX Redraw of tracks/links/pipes whem their object is repositioned on the fly, introduced 5.34d

5.34d (new MDL version)

  • NEW Object property "ObjectHideName" enables the names of individual objects to be hidden/shown
  • NEW Object property "ObjectNameScale" enables scaling the name of an object. The default value of 100 means no scaling. The scaling is applied to the Object Name Font as set in the Font settings.
  • NEW When dragging an object the co-ordinates are shown in the titlebar.
  • TIP Pressing keypad arrow keys enables keyboard positioning Keypad + toggles smooth mode Keypad - enables numeric entry
  • FIX Empty paths left by flow editor no longer cause PL to close on model start
  • FIX When using the dynamic add object table, the _new_name column now supports using text as well as a label list.
  • FIX Setting the filename of a paint map or paint image now protects against names containing newlines, tabs or double quotes which would cause problems when the model was reloaded.
  • FIX Selecting "Show Routine" in a breakpoint immediately after a routine operation to copy portals would close PL. This was caused by the debug code not properly handling that some run context is cleared by the process of adding the new portals to the running model.

5.34c (new MDL version)

  • NEW Calendar Time format: "YYYY-MM-DD-HH:MM:SS"
  • FIX Non black vertical bars in graphs
  • FIX Missing updates for train graph and gantt if data changed during no-update interval

5.34b (new MDL version)

  • NEW Dialog fields now have separate specification of Display Width and Editing Width. Editing Width detertmines how many characters can be typed and enables longer input that the window area allows (the field horizontally scrolls). Default of 0 uses the display width, as previous.
  • CHANGE Road section type changes in track table are now properly updated in the track at runtime when a GenerateTrackTable() operation is performed.
  • FIX A free text cell containing "%" would be incorrectly processed when written to the clipboard
  • CHANGE Made the flow hover line blue instead of white so it appears on white backgrounds
  • FIX Unchecked item attribute reference would cause PL to fail after reporting an error on a missing item attribute.
  • FIX Cancelling selecting a "Runtime Resources File" then selecting cancel again in the dialog that follows will now properly remove the reference to the file.
  • FIX Dialog() is now compatible with "Text" attributes/cells
  • FIX Paint objects were re-registering tool tips in animation layer updates. This is now prevented; tool tips cannot track an object during animation layer update and require a repaint to update.


  • NEW Path context menu enables selection of all items on the active path and and selections are now shown in Flow Edit mode. This is useful for selecting a path then using the align feature of the selection menu.
  • FIX Fix flow edit handling of non rectangular objects for arrow hotspot/tool tip
  • fIX Arrow head direction for vertical lines


  • NEW Flow Editor has been reworked
    Drawing in flow edit mode no longer uses "XOR" type drawing which increases clarity, enables more styled lines and prevents overlapping lines obscuring each other
    New Drag Behaviour: If an object is dragged and dropped over an arrow of a selected path in flow edit mode, it gets inserted into the flow at that point
    Active Flow context menu has options to select previous/next objects
    Deleting an object which is one or more flow paths used to delete the whole path. It now removes it from the paths its in.
    A new algorithm is used to position path numbers
    The font used for path numbers can be customised in the Font settings.