Track vs Spatial Link

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Comparison of features of Tracks and Spatial Links
Feature Track Link
Multiple Roads Yes Yes (PL8.53)
Auto Road Allocation Yes No
Inbound Blocking Based On Road Use/Availability Yes No
Auto Limit Single Item Per Road Yes No
Other End Lookahead Before Item Can Enter (Track CheckNext) Yes No
Speed Reductions Yes No
Road Level Closure Yes No
Auto Colouring Yes No
Animate/Display Item Tails/Wagons Yes No
Pause/Reverse An Item No Yes
Stop/Resume All On Section No Yes
Inbound Time Scale (Link Control) No Yes
Can Query Road Occupant Yes No
Roads Bookable Yes No
Roads Holdable By Tail After Front Leaves Section Yes No
Loop Delay Road Hold/Release Event Handling Yes No
Per Road Report On Click Yes No
Item/Track Logging Interface Yes No
Pipe Overlay Mode No Yes
Per Section Hide No Yes
Item Can Be Blocked From Leaving Yes No
Click Broadcast Option No Yes
Shortest Distance or Cost Based Auto Routing No Yes
Table Based Configuration Yes No
Can Query Occupants Into Table No Yes
Portals Select Next Based On Routes Yes No
Routing Services eg: Fill In Steps Yes No
Roads Are Simulation Objects/Directly Addressed By FEC/Have Own State Yes No