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Notes on use of the wili

Aspirational purpose and intent

  • Place for primary developer to lodge raw documentation material and release notes
  • Place for internal developers to refer/find/contribute info on the platform (references, training and howtos)
  • Place for external platform users to get help
  • Promotion of Planimate for potential clients who hear the word and search it

WikiMedia Likes


I like the simple markup language. I'm writing this in notepad. PAges are fairly readable in their raw form. I sometimes find it easier to update them in raw form, particularly when reorganising the levels.

Special Pages

Being able to find ophan pages and other special situations is useful and can help tie it all together beyond things just associated by category.


Ability to have an automatically updated table of contents is key for the big pages. I'd miss it.


The basic stylings of heading levels (like Word outline mode), code-style text, bold, italic and links are fundamental.

I use tables somewhat more now.

I am not a fan of excerpts but that is because I am writing fundamental content, now guides, intros and overviews.

I dont embed graphics much. Never really got into the way wikimedia stores graphics, but I see intro pages that use them well.

Page names and link creation

The fact pages are referenced by title is useful and makes linking easy. The popup that suggests links as you type is used to find the best target for a link.


When the wiki was created I (Rick) pretty much claimed ownership of the category creation process. The idkbase material that was imported was embedding hierarchy into the categories (eg; Object/Queue). Very much of this, and very many categories have been cleaned up.

For PL wiki, whilst I am the principal contributor of PL content I want discretion over the creation of categories as they are a mapping of how I think of the platform and arbitrary changes by everone has created duplication in the past. I am open to discussing/debating the categories.

Category pages are important to me

The category cloud is a compact, visual and extremely valuable to me when I am submitting new content. - fitting on the screen at once is important to how I process it.


Handling plurals

I search for "function". Nothing comes up. The page is actually "Functions". Not even a suggestion on the first page of results

Short searches

Cant search for short text like "FEC"

Phrase search

Searching for a phrase is hit and miss.

Renaming Pages

I find this annoying. I just want to be able to rename a page and have all references to it update, not create a redirect page. This is compounded by the plurals problem and there is so much inconsistency in singular/plural page titles which I avoid fixing because of this.

Lost Edits

An accidental Back, a mistyped hotkey... and the edits you just made for an hour are gone. One reason why I prefer the initial burst of content external to wikimedia.

Save And Continue

Either autosave or save and continue editing would be good.


Sometimes the rich editor can take a while to load, no doubt hosting overseas doesn't help. It stays cached once loaded.


Context Help

Planimate has direct links to wiki pages (context help). This was part of the "deal" of removing bundled help files. The base URL is defaulted to in the INI file. The pages themselves are named in a centralised table which could be updated, but still there are versions out there containing the old references.

It would be interesting to collect statistics on how much the wiki is really referenced and from where.

Auto Generated Content

Planimate itself generates formatted pages in wiki markup (Help menu) for routine operations, system attributes, expressions, broadcasts and functions. These are generated from the internal tables which define these operations in Planimate (some including comments). With a quick copy and paste into the wiki you get a formatted page with a table of contents.

It would be good to automate this process, possibly the combination of some command line options and WPUT.

Release Notes Processor

I have a rude-and-crude command line utility that converts the release notes TXT files into wikitext which is largely acceptable unless there are two levels of dot points, i clean these by hand upon submission.

Currently the release notes on the wiki are only updated when the minor version number increments (eg: 5.34 to 5.35). It would be good if this could occur more often (eg; 5.35d to 5.35e) and the content was collated for display.