Attribute Based Branching

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The switch uses the value of an Attribute to assign a path for the item.

The attribute value is mapped to the relative value of the path numbers leaving the switch.

  • A value of 1 corresponds to the lowest path number leaving the switch.
  • A value of 2 corresponds to the next lowest path number leaving the switch.
  • A value of zero blocks the progress of the item.

Should the mapped path be unavailable, the switch will block the item from moving through it.

If you think it is possible that:

  • ANY path could be blocked when an item looks through the switch, or
  • the value of the Attribute being referenced could be zero at this time,
you will need to select the Gating option “Switch can Block Items”, otherwise Planimate® will report an error when a block occurs.

Read more about Gating Options.