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Debugging Options

These options assist with debugging a model. Many of the options will log to a debug file, this is usually called PLANIMAT.DBG and located in the directory where the EXE is located or failing that, in the application data directory for the user under InterDynamics\Planimate. This file can be opened using Tools->Show Debug Log.

These options get cleared when switching to End User (InterDyne mode).

Pause at Events This option causes Planimate to step through FEC events during a run, reporting each in the title bar. This is useful sometimes for debugging the order in which events occur.

Pressing ESC pauses the model. Pressing L displays the pending FEC events in a list. Pressing space advances to the next event.

Also logs the event to the debug file.

Trace Animation This causes Planimate to show the panel of every animating item. This can significantly slow down a model! It is useful when advancing to a time where a problem is known to occur but the exact location hasn't been determined.

Enable Breakpoints This option must be enabled for modeller defined breakpoints to be active. Turning it off disables all breakpoints in the model.

Enable Event/Routine Profiling This option enables code which measures how fast FEC events and routine operations are processed. This option should be set before the run is started. It affects the information shown in Tools->Show Run Profile.

Pause at Same Time Events Enables pausing when events at the current simulation time are still pending. Normally Planimate doesn't pause until all events at the current time have been processed, to guarantee all broadcasts and updates have been processed.

Show Forward Test Animates lookahead operations by flashing the objects being tested for potential movement of an item.

Show Unblock Test Animates unblocking by flashing the objects which are being tested for blocked items.

Report Track Unblocks Logs information about track network unblocking in the debug file

Debug Logging Options Enabling these writes details to the log file for the particular event:

FEC Events Logs every FEC event

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