Keyboard Shortcuts

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<Ctrl-D> Return to screen in history
<Ctrl-F> Forward in screen history
<Ctrl-B> Move screen in history to most recent then select second oldest screen
<Ctrl-N> Display the Model Screens List Window

Go! Start/continue a model run

Select Flow Edit View
<Ctrl-I> Select Interaction Edit View
<Ctrl-O> Select Object Edit View
<Ctrl-P> Select Paint Edit View
<Ctrl-S> Save changes to the currently loaded model
<Ctrl-Shift-H> Toggles Full Edit mode / InterDyne User Mode
<Ctrl-T> Terminate a paused model run.
<F1> Invoke online help
<F2> Edit a table cell.
<Space> Edit a table cell, or selected (highlighted) item from a list.
<Up/Dn> Navigate up and down a table column, or up and down a list.
<Left/Right> Navigate across a table row.
CTRL-C is a shortcut to copy for the table with the keyboard focus
CTRL-SHIFT-ALT+.. +<Operation to open a panel or portal> Opens a view of the panel or portal navigated to in a new window.
Ctrl-Click an object. Enables object editing whilst in Flow or Interaction View
SHIFT-Click an object. To select multiple objects hold down the <SHIFT> key while clicking objects.
Ctrl-N Shortcut to the screen list Navigate menu in window menu.
(Flow Edit View: )
<Down / Up> Select next, previous flow for current item class.
<PgUp / PgDn> Select next, previous item class.
<Left / Right> Select previous or next step in currently selected flow.

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