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In addition to Simulation Objects and Data Views, Planimate panels can contain paint objects.

Basic paint objects include Line, Rectangle, Ovals and Text. These assist in clarifying the contents of a panel.

More advanced paint objects include

  • Buttons, which support both text and images and are useful in creating user interfaces.
  • Viewports, which enable a panel to contain a view of another panel. Advanced capabilities include dynamically switching the panel a viewport shows.
  • Map paint objects enable models to be built around a zoomable and scrollable tiled map or schematic diagram.
  • Rich Text paint objects enable a panel to contain blocks of scrollable formatted text.
  • Video enable embedding video playback in a panel.
  • Window enable advanced developers to add dotNET based controls and forms to a Panel.

Paint objects work with Anchoring which enables them to dynamically reposition and/or resize to adapt the user interface to different window sizes.

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