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Subsystem (Related Actions)

This option in the Portal Edit menu enables you to make changes to aspects of the subsystem panel that sits below this portal.

You can perform the following actions:



Open in Window
You can have the subsystem panel of a Portal pop up temporarily in its own window.
(It will persist until the model is saved, or until you close it).

Background Colour
Displays a Colour Selector.
Click on a coloured square and it will become the background colour of the subsystem panel.
Choose the None button if you want to remove a colour setting and revert to the default background colour.
Enables you to choose the background colour of the panel, rather than use a paint object for it.
  • Different background colours may yield unexpected results regarding item path colours.
  • Background colour of a Panel is also settable in a routine operation.

Work Area
This option displays a dialog where you can set the size (in pixels) of the subsystem panel and optionally also the panels it contains.
For more details refer to Setting Model Area Size

Zoom Factor
Adjust the displayed zoom factor of the subsystem's panel.
Other screens are not affected, and when you return to this screen or panel, the last setting for the zoom that you made is remembered.
Fit Panel to Used Area
This option first displays a dialog in which you can specify how much margin should be allowed between objects in the panel and the panel borders. Once you select Ok then Planimate­­® re-sizes the subsystem's panel.
Note: Fit panel to model area ignores hidden objects when computing the bounding rectangle, and is not supported for dials.
Update Interval Scale
This option enables you to scale the Global update interval that has been set in the Run Menu, and thus modify the smoothness of animations in this particular panel.
The Global interval is unmodified in the local panel with a value of 1.
A value of 0.5 will effectively halve the update interval, makin the animation smoother.
A value of 2 will double the update interval for this panel, making the animation less smooth.
Popup Transparency
This options sets transparency of the window when it is popped up.
It gets specified as a value between 1 and 255, where 255 = opaque.
Transparency of a panel when it gets popped up can also be set in a routine operation (display).
Note: Transparency only works for popup windows and not child windows.

Add to Panel List
Adds this Subsystem's Panel to the System Label List called _Model Panels. Panels in this list may be remotely addressed for animation purposes and displays that are under program control.
This list should not be confused with the _Model Objects List.
Display Options
For more details refer to Panel DIsplay Options
Popup Options
You can set the properties of a popped up subsystem panel.
This action is also available for this portal’s subsystem when it is displayed, under Panel, in the menu bar.
For more details refer to Panel Popup Options
Engine Options
For more details refer to Panel Engine Options
Shared Routines
You can view a list of the shared Routines resident at this Portal’s level.
This action is also available for this portal’s subsystem when it is displayed, under Panel, in the menu bar.

Remove all Subcontents from Dataset
You can elect to remove all data in this subsystem, and subsystem in this branch of the hierarchy from all Dataset configurations.
This applies recursively starting at the portal selected and is useful when a hierarchy of objects contains data that should no longer be saved in the dataset but the objects need to be retained for backwards compatability.
Use this action with care, as each list, table, attribute etc has to be manually added back to a dataset.