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In Place Edits
This enables the view to edit the table's contents. If this option is not selected, the view is "read only".

Hide Horiz. Scrollbar
Hides the horizontal scrollbar. The view can still be navigated in full with arrow keys.

Hide Vert Scrollbar
Hides the vertical scrollbar. The view can still be navigated in full with arrow keys.

Hide Title
Hides the table title line at the top of the view.

No Row Editing
Prevents edits to entire rows being made (eg: deleting an entire row)

Transparent to Clicks
Makes the table view totally ignore any mouse clicks, in fact the clicks go right rhough the view to whatever is behind it.

Single Click to Edit
By default a table cell has to be selected before a click on it will edit it. Selecting this option will make a click on any cell immediately edit that cell, even if it is not currently selected. Used with broadcasts, this option makes the table cells act like buttons.

Disable Block Edits
Prevents editing of rectangular selections of cells. Copying is still allowed but pasting and fill options are not presented to the user.

Don’t Show Current Cell
Prevents the highlighting of the ‘current’ cell in the view. This is useful when the view will not be edited by the user.

Resizeable Via Title Area
Enables the user to drag the separator between two column titles to resize the width of the columns.

Resizeable Via Data Area
Enables the user to resize columns in the view by dragging any separator line in the area of the table where data is displayed.

No Cell Menu
Prevents the cell context menu from appearing when a cell is right clicked.

Enable Column Filters

Main article: Column Filter
This adds a row between the column titles and the data area. Clicking on cells in this row enables the user to view and select data that appears below or use simple wildcard expressions to filter the data that will be displayed in the view. Multiple columns can be filtered together and their filter conditions are combined to narrow the subset of the data that will be displayed in the view.

Hover Tracking
Enables the view to track the mouse as it moves over it. The graphics options can be used to assign colours to rows, columns and cells as they are hovered over.

Hide Cell Dividers
Removes the dividing lines between cells. In some cases where alternate row colours are used, it can look more aesthetic.

The following options only appear when a Cell Click Broadcast has been set for the table view:

Send Cell BC Before Edit
If selected, the selected cell click broadcast is sent when a user clicks on a table cell instead of the usual cell editing. This enables a modeller to arrange their own editing for the table cell.

If the modeller wants to do some preprocessing then fall back to the default Planimate cell editing interface, this can be achieved by the broadcast handler for this broadcast setting s.EnableTableCellEdit to 1. For this to work, the "Dont Defer BC on FEC" option must also be selected.

Send Cell BC After Edit
If selected, then the cell click broadcast is sent after the user finishes editing the cell. This broadcast will include the previous and new values of the cell, which is useful when validating the new contents of the cell.

Send Row Click BC
If selected then the cell click broadcast is sent when the user clicks on a row label.

Send Col Click BC
If selected then the cell click broadcast is sent when the user clicks on a column label

Dont Defer BC on FEC
This option changes the broadcast's behaviour. It needs to be selected if you want to be able to "fall back" to Planimate's default cell editor. See "Send Cell BC Before Edit" above.

Full Edit Menu Even With BC's
Normally when cell click broadcasts are enabled some of the editing options from the cell and row context menus are removed to ensure all modifications to the table are performed by cell edits. Enabling this option overrides that behaviour, displaying the full editing context menu even if an edit broadcast is being sent.