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What is Planimate LITE

Planimate LITE is a lightweight version of Planimate by InterDynamics Pty. Ltd. which runs on any recent Windows PC with minimal installation and without the need to purchase a license.

Planimate LITE can be used at no cost for educational and non commercial purposes. This makes Planimate LITE perfect for use in schools and universities.

Planimate LITE does not include a number of features available in full Planimate, most notably Track Network Modelling. Details below.

Key Features of Planimate LITE

  • No time or arbitrary resource limit, runs on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.
  • No activation. Planimate LITE makes no connection to the internet.
  • Minimal installation, no need for administrative access or installing runtimes.
  • Can run "portable" from a flash drive.
  • Support via the new Planimate Forum.
  • Models built with Planimate LITE will load with full Planimate when you're ready to move to it.

System Requirements

Planimate is a fast and lean simulator and the LITE version has minimal system requirements:

  • 32 or 64 bit Windows 8.1 or later.
  • 4GB RAM, 8GB recommended for 64 bit systems.
  • 1GB of free disk space.

Planimate has been known to run under Linux using Wine.

Terms Of Use for Planimate LITE

Planimate LITE is made available subject to the following terms of use.

  1. Planimate LITE is provided at no cost and runs without time limit. It is for personal and educational use ONLY.
  2. Under no circumstances is Planimate LITE to be used to run models which provide any benefit to a company. In such cases a runtime license is required. Contact InterDynamics Pty. Ltd.
  3. Planimate LITE is not to be used in the provision of professional consulting services.
  4. By using Planimate LITE you acknowledge that InterDynamics Pty. Ltd. has no obligation or liability on any aspect related to use of the software.
  5. Planimate LITE shall not be modified to misrepresent or obscure its origin and license terms, as shown in the software's About box.
  6. Use of Planimate LITE in demonstrations and marketing is approved, provided adequate attribution is included, for example: "Built with Planimate by InterDynamics Pty Ltd"
  7. Planimate LITE is not to be sold or included in a collection that is sold for profit.
  8. Planimate LITE may be deployed on an internal network as well as provided to students for use on their own computers.

Professional Version Additional Features

A licensed version of Planimate is available for professional and consulting use. It adds these features:

  • Licensing for use in business operations and consulting.
  • Access to a 64 bit version for much larger models that handle large data sets.
  • Modelling of track/rail networks.
  • The ability to save and load compressed and encrypted data using DataSet2.
  • Compiling a model to a standalone application.
  • Command line batch running of models.
  • Connectivity to dotNET for access to web APIs, databases, Azure, advanced graphing and high quality multi-page report generation.
  • C/C++ DLL call API.
  • Automated model testing framework.
  • Support beyond the forum.
  • Access to older versions and assistance in bringing forward older models you may have.
  • The about box does not linger.

Contact InterDynamics for further information on purchasing Planimate.

Download Planimate LITE Now

You can download Planimate LITE as an installer EXE or in portable ZIP form which can be extracted and run from anywhere.

Both packages include demo models including a progressive introduction to the modelling objects and Planimate concepts.

All executables should be digitally signed by InterDynamics Pty. Ltd.

Download Planimate LITE as an installer executable.

Download Planimate LITE as a portable ZIP file.

Version 12.22.0 September 22nd 2021