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The Routine operation Spatial link - Add Spatial Link Bend enables a bend point to be appended to the current bend points of any spatial link going from one designated portal to another.

This is intended for models which construct spatial link networks on the fly.

The Parameters are

$R = From Object (Defines one end of the Link)
$1 = To Object (Defines other end of the Link)
$2 = X Position (Panel Screen Coordinate for the Bend Point)
$3 = Y Position (Panel Screen Coordinate for the Bend Point)

Note that there is no way to remove a bend point, instead you need to delete, then recreate the link as required, with the bends you wish.

When you add a bend point it appends to the end of any existing bend points between the 2 nodes, in a consistent direction

It is also not possible to insert a bend point between other bend points.

Hence you have to rebuild - with a particular order - the series of bend points.