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This provides a mechanism to prevent a model developer from entering certain portals. It is useful where a developer is sharing IP with other developers but does not want to expose it.

Applications that are shipped as standalone applications do not need this password set.

A portal option tags a portal and its subsystems as "Only For Administrators". You only need to set the option for one portal and it will be in effect for all subsystems within it.

The option prevents the portal from being viewable unless the administrative password is provided. This is set in the Edit->Admin (Portal) Password menu. (Visible when Advanced Menus are enabled.

The default password is "admin" (you will need to enter this to change it) and with this default, Planimate automatically grants admin access when the model is loaded.

If the admin password is changed from its default, it will come into effect when the model is reloaded.The first attempt to access a protected subsystem (either by direct clicking on a portal, following a jump button or a model initiated screen change) will cause Planimate to prompt the user to provide the password.