Broadcast Click Action Options

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Scoped Broadcast (On by default)

The Broadcast will transmit only to the Panel the Button is on and and Subsystems below it. Turn this off if you want a global transmission of the Broadcast.

Check Parents For Broadcast

When the Broadcast is scoped it and cant find a Broadcast entry in the heirachy below the button panel, the engine will search up the heirachy for a Broadcast entry.

Continue Run After Broadcast

After the Broadcast has been transmitted, the model will be continued automatically.

Can Send While Events Pending

When paused, if any current time events are pending AND the system is in InterDyne mode, then attribute views and buttons will not respond to user interaction UNLESS their new option "Can Send When Events Pending".

This builds on the premise that a model does not normally pause until all zero time events have been processed, but can be forced to pause using a "Pausable 0 Delay" - in which case new broadcasts and attribute changes could impact badly on an incomplete process.

By default, the platform now blocks these broadcasts/changes, for safety, but these options above allow the new behaviour to be overridden at which point the modeller takes the risk for ensuring integrity.

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