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Browse for a file. Returns non zero if one chosen.

$R = BrowseFile($1,$2)

$R = File Chosen

$1 = File Spec

$2 = Save Mode

$1 sets an initial file, you can also use it to specify the intial path and file mask. Eg. setting it to a string of "c:\*.bmp;*.jpg;*.gif" will open the browser at c:\ and have a file mask set for bmp, jpg and gif files.

$2 enables a save-style dialog, ie. set it to 1 and the FileDialog will not expect you to select a file that exists but allow you to specify a new filename, the activate button will also be "Save" rather then "Open"

Use s.LastAccessedDataFile and s.LastAccessedDataFilePath to access the file and full path spec of the file selected.