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Tables Views have an option to enable "Column Filters". This shows an extra row under the column titles. Clicking cells in this row enables filter text to be entered or possible labels/values chosen.

Simple wildcards like * and ? can be used to match text strings and individual characters.

The filter applies/updates when a filter cell is edited. if cells are edited, they remain in the set even if they no longer match the current filter settings. Reselecting any filter column will reapply the filter to the updated data.

The drop down lists in the filter columns show the possible labels/values for that column that are not "blocked" by any other filtered columns.

If a row is inserted, the filter is cancelled but reselecting any of the filter columns will reapply the filter settings (which remain visible).

If a column is inserted or removed, the filter columns are reset.

The "Combo List Width" column option also applies to the filter list, if it is opened.

Filter settings are not saved.

Table views with the column filter option enabled have a new option in their configuration context menu to specify a "Filter Broadcast". This gets sent after a change is made to the filters.