Connecting to External Objects

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Connecting to External Objects

A link created between a Specific Object and a Specific Portal Entry applies to ALL ITEM CLASSES' with a path from the Object to the Portal.

All items, regardless of Class, leaving the Specified Object and entering the Portal, will arrive at the Specified Portal Entry. As usual, you can have different paths for the different classes leaving the specified portal entry.

A link created between a Specific Portal Exit and a Specific Object applies to ALL ITEM CLASSES' leading to this Portal Exit. All items, regardless of Class, passing through this Exit, will go to the Specified Object.

The software doesn't complain if 2 Portal Entries are assigned to the same object. Only the earliest created (NOT earliest assigned to the object) Portal Entry will accept items. (2 exits can point to the same object - this makes sense).

The software currently provides no warnings if an object connected to the Portal is "left out" of the specifications, and there is no Portal Entry in the subsystem with the assignment of "Any". This object will simply become, and remain blocked. You cannot leave the earliest-created Portal Entry with an unconnected flow, even if all other Portal Entries are connected, and set to receive items from any object.