Difference Between App Panel and Portal

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Whats the difference between an application panel & a normal panel?

Conceptualy, Application Panel (used to be called a "Meta-Panel) is a place where the model's 'meta' functions (self Management etc) is performed.
It's where you do algorithms, or file management etc (not that that stops folksdoing that in portals).

Main aspects are:
The object palette inside an App Panel offers additional Object modes, and restricts others.

No Simulation time passes due to process delays in an App Panel.
(NB: Time can pass due to gated switches etc)

The multi-server can only be set to a zero pausable delay (for debugging mainly).
A Portal Cannot be placed under an App panel.

Features only available in App Panel:

  • Throw Exit option (Place Item into Object)
  • Restart Dispatcher (restarts a model run and preserves the item that caused it).

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