Dynamic Model Object List

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This list shows the Model Object Label List.

This list contains dynamic objects (entries, portals, queues) which have been associated with an index so the model can reference them or send messages and broadcasts to them. This becomes very useful when building dynamic networks.

The columns in the list are:

Shows the name of the label given to the object. Usually the object's name

The (unique) numerical index that identifies that object

Shows the name and location of the object, as a "path" from the top "<main>" panel. Each level is separated by a ":".

The Add button enables you to select an object on the current panel and add it to this list. This is sometimes called "exporting" an object as it makes the object accessible from anywhere in the model.

The Report button writes the object list to a text file so it may be used for documentation or processed outside of Planimate.

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