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The Gantt View display is a type where overlays are interpreted as “horizontal bars” in a Gantt chart. Gantt view.jpg

Gantt View Required Columns

Special Column Names are required for a Gantt View to Display correctly.

Each block is defined with two rows in the table. The first entry describing the start while the second defines the end point.

_time, _position & _state are required to get a display, other columns are optional

Column Name Description
_time Determines x axis, (must be ascending)
_position Determines Gantt row number ( as a Y scale offset)
_label Shown in the bar if that option selected
_state Sets the colour of a Bar.

0 = inactive, 1..15 etc map to system colours.

A value of 0 causes no bar to be drawn – and this is therefore how you end a bar.

_color The color of the Bar.

If a _color column is present, the colour as specified in it will be used, in place of _State.

If not, the original colour mapping algorithm is used, which maps _state to colours but avoids the background colour.

_width Width of the Border around the gantt (if drawn)
_borderstyle Specifies a value from the "_border styles" label list and determines the style of border the gantt block is drawn with.
_bordercolor Specifies a colour and determines the colour of the border used when drawing the gantt block (note: indent/shadow borders do not use this color.
_nodeid Individual identification of a Node, which is one or another end of a Bar.

_nodeid enables an identifier for a gantt block to be specified. A block further in time can be linked back to that previous block by setting its _link_nodeid to the same value as the previous block. Many blocks can use the same _nodeid, PL will always search for the most recent block (not including the current).

Hence to connect a series of blocks together, setting their _nodeid and _link_nodeid values to a common value (eg: consist #) will display a line linking the blocks together.

_link_nodeid See above
_link_color Colour of Node Link line.
_link_width Width of Node Link line.

The Label colour can be set for a Gantt, separately to the bar colour.

A label list can be assigned as the left hand side titles of the Gantt rows.

Clicking on the bar in the Gantt pops up a window with details of the values in other cells.

Table columns have an option item to flag inclusion in this popup. Start/end times of event are shown in the popup by default, but can be suppressed.

Gantt View Options

Option Description
Show Bar Labels Display the _Label content inside the Bars.
Show bar Times Display the Time values at each end of a bar.
Draw From Top Draw the bars with the offsets beginning off the top of the chart rather than the bottom.
Vertical Scrollbar If there are more bars than can fit in the display, a vertical scrollbar will be provided.
Show links at Front Link Lines are drawn in front of the Gantt Bars.
Align Row Labels at Left Line up Bar Labels along Y axis of chart.
Hide Time scroller Hides the Time interval zoom scroller.
No Times in Bar popups Suppress the display of Times in the popup that is displayed when you click on a gantt bar.

Gantt View Parameters

These options adjust how a gantt graph is displayed.

Bar Thickness %
sets the height of the gantt bars, as a proportion of the total row area. The default is 80%.
Bar Offset %
sets the y offset in the bar, as a proportion of the total row area. A positive or negative percentage can be specified.
Text Offset %
sets the y offset for text displayed in the bar, as a proportion of the total row area. A positive or negative percentage can be specified.

Gantt View Properties

The Properties Flyout provides access to a number of aspects of the View.

Property Description
Graphics Displays the Graphics Configuration Dialog which enables you to Set

Border Style; Border Colour; Background Colour; Text Colour.

Position Use this option to reposition the View. Alternatively just drag it around.
Initial X Width Acts as a width limit for the X axis of a View. You can still stretch the scroller past this but it will revert to the limit when the data is changed by the model.
Min Update By default, a Graph View is updated each time the table is changed. Sometimes you may wish to have your graphs update at a lesser rate than these events. This will specify the time between updates of the graph, regardless of the number of events that have occurred in between.
# of rows
Row Offset
Row Labels
Label Text Colour
Label Time Colour

Gantt View Scale Parameters

There are many details you can choose to enhance the look of your View. Certain scale parameters are available here.

Gantt View Scale Options

There are options you can choose to enhance the look of your View. Certain scale options are available here.

Option Description
Show X Scales / Show Y Scales Hide/Show the scale values in the View.
Show X Major Grid / Show Y Major Grid Shows a Major Grid line for the Scale, when the scale parameters are set appropriately.
Show X Minor Grid / Show Y Minor Grid Shows a Minor Grid line for the Scale, when the scale parameters are set appropriately.

Gantt View Broadcasts

Certain Model User interactions with Views can have Broadcasts associated with them. You can associate the Broadcast of your choice for the following.

All View broadcasts are transmitted from the Scope of the Table, rather than the scope of the View itself.

Broadcast Name Description of Event
Click Broadcast Transmitted when the user clicks on the graph.
Scroll Broadcast Transmitted when the user scrolls the View of the Gantt.

Gantt View Table Column Check

Use this dialog to find out whether you have included all the columns that a gantt needs to respond and display properly. It indicates which labels are required, and which of those are missing.

Visibility Control

The Run-Time visibility of an Attribute View can be managed by setting up conditions in the condition editor.

You can make references to the values of a range of other attributes.

Generally, you will need to enforce a refresh of the Screen display via a “Force Repaint” routine operation in a change object before a hidden attribute view that should now become visible will be seen.

Edit Original

This is the option that displays the Table Editor Window.

Alternatively, double click on the Title of the Table View to display this window.


Copies the View of this table and enables you to paste another View, with all the same settings, on another panel.

View Order

The view order of Attributes can be altered, but only in relation to other Attribute Views, not to Paint Objects or Planimate® Objects.

Connecting Gantt Graph blocks with lines

Modellers have the option to place lines which connect the blocks in a gantt graph display. These can be used to indicate flow or relationships between the blocks.

This feature is under review and may change

To use this feature, the gantt table needs a couple of new columns:


This specifies the row index to which a link should be formed.

Planimate will link to the most recent block on that row (which must appear
earlier in the table).


This sets the colour of the link line, default (if column not present) is


This sets the thickness of the line, default (if the column is not present) is 1.