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Guide: Constrains the movement of items

Guide Palette Icon.jpg

Guide objects do not directly affect a simulation but are useful in adjusting the paths of items to improve their movement on screen.

A Guide can be classified as “Logical Only”.

Typically they are used to avoid 2 flows following exactly the same path. They also simplify flow editing in cases where flows exist in both directions between some objects.

Guide has an option to NOT force the item to animate through them. Instead they may be used only to assist in differentiating between item flows for the purposes of display or editing.

Guide States

Idle Guides are always idle. They play no part in a simulation except to guide the animation of items between other objects.

Guide Options

Guides will not guide the Item if the 'Don't Guide During Run' Option has been enabled. This option determines whether or not the guide influences an Item's flow during the model run. This enables guides to be used to bend and separate paths during edit without disrupting the animation.

Guides currently do not have any item specific details.

Refer to Editing Object Properties for information about editing properties common to all objects.

Guide Articles

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Guide Object Frequently Asked Questions

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