How to Set Section Types at Runtime

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Section Type Column

In your Track Network Details table, there is a column called "Section Type".

If this column is found, Planimate® uses it to read/set the track network section types.

  • The units format in this column should be set to the "_section type" label list, so you can use it to specify section types across the network.
  • The default/clear value for this column should be the "-" label (which equates to zero) so that existing networks are properly set up in the table.

Upon Run Start

When the run starts, Planimate® will treat the column as follows:

  • If the value is "-" then Planimate® will read the section type as-is from the track network.
  • If the value is not "-" then Planimate® will ensure the section is changed to the value in the table when the run is started.