Label Lists In Scope

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This list shows the label lists which are accessible at the current panel. This includes global label lists and scoped label lists defined within the current panel's owning portal (if its not the top level) or its parents.

The Scope column shows the name of the portal which owns the label list. If its <main> then the label list is globally available in the model. The Labels column shows the number of labels in the list.

Use the Add List button to add a new global label list. You can double click or highlight and click the Edit button to edit an existing label list. Scoped lists are added via the Portal's context menu.

Planimate maintains a number of default label lists for you. These are named with a leading "_" to indicate they are created by Planimate. If you modify one of the default lists and want to restore it, delete it and Planimate will recreate it when you save and reload your model.