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InterDynamics offers licences to use the Planimate® Platform under an annual subscription arrangement. An individual or an organisation can open a subscriber account with InterDynamics Pty Ltd, and nominate a person to be the account holder.

The account holder can order and pay annual subscription fees to obtain subscription licences under the account. The account holder assigns subscription licences in the account to nominated users.

Key files are supplied to each nominated user annually, based on the subscription licence level(s) they are assigned by the account holder.

While a subscription remains current (i.e. paid up) the nominated user is granted access to download the latest builds of the Planimate® Platform and use it in accordance with the subscription licence terms and conditions. Nominated users are also granted access to technical support from InterDynamics via email and telephone.

Features of subscription licences:

  1. There are a number of llicensing levels to suit different needs.
  2. There is a discount for buying multiple subscriptions under one subscriber account.
  3. Staying in touch is rewarded.
  4. Contiguous years of subscription for a subscriber account attract a generous loyalty discount.
    You decide how to make use of the Platform. Maintaining the currency of an annual subscription is up to you. If your subscription expires, you can continue to enjoy the software you obtained while the subscription was current. Later on, should you wish to upgrade the version of the software you are using, you can re-activate your subscription simply by paying a new annual fee.

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