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Here are rules to follow for naming Attributes, Tables, Table Columns, Label Lists and Broadcasts in Planimate.

Note:These rules dont apply to Labels or Object Names.

  • Only use [A..Z], [a..z], [0..9] and _ (underscore) in names
  • Remember that upper/lowecase forms are treated as the same
  • Dont start a name with a numerical digit
  • Dont start a name with an underscore unless PL has defined it for you (eg: item attributes sent by broadcasts)
  • Dont use repeated underscores

Planimate 5.22a will enforce the first point above for the names of label lists, sub label lists and multi label lists. Please transition to following the other rules as a convention for all the types mentioned.

A Note On Label List Naming

Planimate produces some predefined label lists.

Lists that are regular label lists but provided for you by PL are named with a leading underscore and a lower case name. For example _colors, _line_styles.

Lists which are special internal structures are named with a leading underscore and a capitalised name. For example _Model_Objects.

InterDynamics Naming Standards

Data Structure Naming (Attributes, Tables, Columns, Label Lists)

  1. Name the attribute/table after what it is. If you can't think of what it is that is a clue you have not thought through the design well enough.
  2. Don't use abbreviations / acronyms use clear text for bulk of name, prefixes and suffixes can use some standard abbreviations
  3. Use prefixes suffixes where appropriate ie inp_, out_, _Mt,
  4. No spaces
  5. Include units in names if appropriate i.e. payload_t. Appropriate when calculations/logic assume units

Data Structure Prefix and Suffix

Prefixes and Suffixes should only used if appropriate.

Prefixes are a good way to identify the role a data structure plays in your model

inp_ Input data that should not be changed within simulation logic
out_ Output data written to by simulation
ui_ User interface data structures
dyn_ Data structures used within the dynamic simulation logic only

Suffixes provide a good location to place data structure units, use of SI as much as possible aids in readability


  • length_cm
  • length_m
  • runTime_h
  • runTime_s