Paint Button State Options

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Each State for a button can have the folowing options set for it

Align Text to Left / Top / Right

The button text is middle-aligned by default, these options can change that.

Visible in Run

The button should be visible to the user while the model is running.


The button should be clickable by the user - if it is off, the button becomes transparent to clicks.

Hover State

This is to be the state which displays when the Mouse hovers (enters over the space of) over the button.

No Hover in this State

Specifies that for this state, no hover effect is processed.

Mouse Down State

If a state of the button has this option set, then instead of changing the border style when the button is moused in, the button will switch to this state instead. This gives the modeller more flexibilty in how the button looks when the user actually clicks in it. Mouse down state image is properly shown when the engine is running (backing store is in use)

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