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Load Integral Values

Forces rounding of the load amount, so the pipe always contains an integral quantity without any fractions.

Note: If the load amount per sample is less than 0.5 and the integral values option is on, nothing will be loaded!

Load/Unload Monitoring

Provides two extra placeholders for Attribute references, that accumulate values as quantities are sent into the pipe at its beginning, and as quantities are delivered off the Pipe at its destination.

Load Limiting

Provides an additional placeholder for an Attribute reference which must be > zero for quantities to 'flow'. As the source quantity is drawn down, so too is this value. Once it becomes zero, no further flow is possible. If the Source value becomes zero, flow also stops, as does the decrementing of the load limit value.

Source/Target Limits

Enables the pipe to monitor and prevent the source dropping below a set limit and the target being filled beyond a set limit. Separate lower and upper limits can be specified for the source and target which is useful when the pipe is run backwards.

(Performance Note: Use of matched cells for source limiting together with control attributes in the same table isn't recommended but if you want to use it then performance will be much better if the control attributes come from a table which is not changing very often.)

Control From Target

Enables the Run Control Attribute reference to be positioned at the Target Portal scope.

Transfer Table Row Mode

This mode expects the source and target to be cell references. These are transferred normally. In addition, every time a transfer occurs, other columns in the source table will also be transferred, proportional to the amount of the source/target that was transferred. This is useful for tracking material blends. This mode only operates when the total time is 0 (ie: direct transfer between source and target).

Broadcast Limit Events

Pipes with this selected will send the "_Pipe Event" broadcast as a global broadcast.

It will tuple match to the following item attributes:

  • _pipeid : the pipe object index (or 0 if no index set)
  • _pipeflags" : a value as folows:
1: Pipe destination is at target limit This indicates the destination of the pipe has become very close or >= than the pipe's "target limit" (meaning within 1.0e-12 of it).

If the modeller takes action on this broadcast, they must realise that in some unlikely circumstances, the target attribute may be short by up to 1.0e-12 of the intended limit.

The broadcast is sent every pipe update iteration once the target limit is reached, hence the modeller should stop the pipe and/or clear the target within that broadcast thread to avoid getting stormed with broadcasts.

Adjust Update Interval To Reduce Errors

With this selected, Planimate will make a small (0.1%) adjustment to the pipe update interval time to reduce round-off errors for each sample transferred. This is imporant when pipes are transferring small quantities into bins containing large quantities.

For full details refer to this page: Pipe Adjust Update Interval to Reduce Errors Option

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