Pipe Table Row Mode

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Pipe Table Row Mode

This Pipe Object mode is useful when material blending needs to be tracked.

This is only supported for pipes with a zero delay which transfer directly between source and target.

In this mode pipes still transfer between source and target values - with limiting etc operating the same  - however the values are now cells in tables.

Most likely the transfer will be between cells in the same column but different rows of a single table (this is not forced).

Every time a transfer occurs, other columns in the source table will also be transferred, proportional to the amount of the source that was transferred.

For example, the source value can be total tonnes and the other columns can be a breakdown of this total into components or elements of the material's makeup.

As the source "flows" to the target value, the components will also proportionately accumulate in columns in the target row.

No tuple matching is performed: columns must match if 2 different tables are used for source and target.

To use this feature:

  1. Ensure the pipe Total Time is 0 (otherwise it doesn't work)
  2. Select the "Pipe Table Row Mode" option for the pipe
  3. Set up the source and target references as table cells (preferably to the same column but different rows in the same table)
  4. The pipe context menu will include new menu items to select
    "Additional Data Column Start" and "Additional Data Column End"
  5. You can now specify a range of columns whose values the pipe will transfer in addition to the source/target.

The range bounds default to column 2, assuming the primary source/targets are in column 1.

If this column range overlaps either the source or target columns then those columns get skipped to avoid "double transferring".

Note that the cells referenced can be changed on-the-fly but the modeller needs to plan this extremely carefully!