Scoped Attributes List

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This list shows the Portal Attributes which are in scope at the current panel.

The columns in the list are:


Shows the name of the attribute


Shows the portal name at which the attribute is defined. If its defined at the topmost level, it will show "<main>".


The current value for the attribute. This is formatted according to the units of the attribute.


Summarises options set on the attribute as one or more letters. These include:
R cleaR when the run engine restarts
C Constant during run
I Round to Integer
T reTain on paste/replace
K range checK enabled
S used in dataSets (scenarios)
V keep priVate to subsystem (for modules)


Show the formatting mode for which the attribute is formatted. This affects how it displays its value.


Shows any comment the modeller has entered for the attribute

Use the Add Attribute button to add a new attribute at the current subsystem's scope.
You can double click or highlight and click the Edit button to edit an existing attribute.