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Label Regions In this option, any indices that do not have a specific label attached will display the next highest indexed label.
For example, you might have a tank that can have various states, like Empty, Low, Normal, and High, based on a percentage value. You might wish to create a display of this state information based only on the percent value. So you create a label list as follows and enable this option.
5 Empty
25 Low
75 Normal
98 High
100 Full

Between values of zero and 5, the label reads "Empty".
Between values of >5 and 25, the label reads Low… etc.
Cyclic Selection
Enables "yes/no" type labels to be toggled by clicking in the table cell rather than having to make selection from list.
You can also enable a cyclic selection of images using this feature, in conjunction with Dials.
Only Modellers Add
When this option is on, labels cannot be added to the list in InterDyne mode (I.e. someone with a Model User Licence, or a PBA End User will not be able to add Labels to the model/PBA. If you want a Model User to be able to manually add to a label list, this option must be off.
Auto-Add Labels on Import
Label lists with the option called "Auto-Add Labels On Import" set will silently accept new labels without asking the user. This is useful when importing data from external sources. This option enables specific label lists to automatically accept labels while others ask the user for confirmation.
Auto index Starting at Zero
Label lists with this option set will allocate new Label Indexes starting with zero. Dynamically created (via Routines) label lists have the "index from zero" option on by default.
Don't Clear when Importing
With this option set, when you load Labels in from an external source, the existing Label List is not cleared out first. New Labels will be assigned available indices. Existing Labels will remain as they are. Normally you would be clearing a Label List entirely before loading in a new one, but not always.
Don't Accept Numeric Labels
This option means that when importing data, if the characters are numeric, they will be assumed to NOT be valid labels, and no label will be added. Instead the numeric value will be read in, and if there is a Label assigned to that value, it will be applied. If there is no Label assigned, then any displays will be of the numeric value.
This avoids the importation of data that misses out labels and includes numbers, and the subsequent assignment of a number as a Label, with perhaps a different actual index value than the number.
Sort by Name
When the Label list is displayed for selecting from, with this option set, it will be rendered in Alphabetic Order. If this option is not set, the list is rendered in index order.

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