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Item or Carrier Behaviour

Carrier Items are special types of items that interact with some objects in a different way to standard items. Carrier Items play a role as transporter of other items. A Carrier Item can pick-up one or more items at a location, and then move them to another location and drop them in the new location.
PickUp and DropOff Objects provide the means for Carrier Items to transport standard items. They enable a Carrier Item to pick up one or more items and move them, as a group, to a different part of the model. The items can then be released, either as a batch or individually. A Carrier Item can be delayed using objects that can have a time delay specified. This is useful for modelling transport times with the Carrier Item as the means of Transport.

During a run, Carrier Items are created at Entry objects, just like items.
Normal items can enter any object at any time (if the object is not busy or at its capacity). Carrier Items cannot enter PickUp Objects until they are required, so if their path leads to a PickUp Object which is not ready, the Carrier Item must wait for the call.

Standard Items can also be turned into Carrier Items  and back again by passing through a Routine in a Change Object during a model run.

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