Spatial Link Scan Depth

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A system attribute limits how deep PL will scan a spatial net looking for the closest route to the target.

The attribute needs to be set each time the model is loaded, it is not
saved. The default is 9999999 (ie: dont limit search depth).

Setting this value means Planimate may not chose the shortest distance
path in a spatial net if it contains more intermediate nodes than an
alternative which is further in distance, and the node limit happens to
be exceeded in scanning the shorter path.

This will be obvious in incorrect animation but should not affect the
item arrival time. In other words, reducing the search depth may
cause PL to chose a route which is not the "shortest". It may also cause
Planimate not to find the correct route at all (if it has too many
intermediate nodes) in which case PL will report a flow error.

This attribute has to be set before firing the first item into the spatial net. It doesn't get saved with the model, it resets to a large number when the model is loaded. You can change its setting during the run but probably not something useful to do, if its too low and PL fails to find a target it will stop the modelk with a "no outgoing flow" type message.

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