Specifying location of a dynamically copied object

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Dynamic Object Copy enables the object label list to be used to specify the location for the new object rather than the panel label list.

In the table defining the copy commands, instead of having a column called
"_new_panel", a column called "_target_objpanel" can be used
to specify a dynamic panel where the new object will be placed. This is
looked up using the object label list.

In some models using the object label list may be more natural to specify
a location for a copied object rather than using and maintaing the panel
label list.

If both "_new_panel" and "_target_objpanel" columns exist, only the
"_new_panel" column (panel label list) will be used. This is not good
practice and in future having both columns may be tagged as an error so
avoid having both columns in the one table.

idkbase note 34