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Planimate® Support is provided in several ways

Help Files

Planimate ships with help files which cover the major aspects of Planimate. These are available in the Help menu. These Include animated tutorials that provide simple lessons in using the basic elements of Planimate.

The animated tutorials use Adobe Flash animations and require that you have the Flash plugin installed for Internet Explorer, used since the help files use the Microsoft HTML Help framework.

The help files are becoming superceeded by the online wiki.

Context Sensitive Help

In many locations in Planimate you will find dialog boxes that have a "Help" button, which provides you with relevant information about that dialog and its contents. In newer versions of Planimate these will access content from the online Planimate Wiki.

Online Planimate Wiki

Planimate is continually enhanced with new capabilities. Online reference and release notes are available at .

The wiki contains a growing collection of searchable and cross referenced pages, including release notes, FAQs and reference tables.

Subscriber General Support

InterDynamics supplies Planimate technical support to Nominated Users via email and telephone. Nominated Users must have an active subscription to qualify for this support.

This support includes access to the resources of the site, communications of a non-urgent nature via email, and personalized technical support via telephone, during business hours. Nominated Users can receive prompt answers to technical questions, and explanations of Planimate features and options, so they can spend more time modelling and less time searching for answers that address their specific needs.

Users with an active subscription can lodge a technical support enquiry via the enquiry form.

Installation Support

For each subscriber account InterDynamics will provide up to 2 hours of installation help, user support and initial training delivered via telephone.
Standard Technical Support

Planimate users with an active support subscription can email technical support questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extended Technical Support

Extended Technical Support can be provided by InterDynamics, via an additional subscription. Please contact InterDynamics directly for further information. This level of support is for subscribers who value the support that InterDynamics can deliver beyond the standard level described above. With this premium level of support, InterDynamics offers Users the benefit of its extensive modelling experience, and other capabilities, to enable Users to save time building their models.