Table Column Options

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Here are the options you can set for an individual column.

Clear Contents at Start

Remove all Rows from the Table at the start of each Model Run.

Send Recalculate BC

Enable this option if you want this column to transmit a "Send Recalculation" Broadcast if it changes during a model run.

Tables have an (advanced) option to send a Broadcast whenever any cell in selected columns is modified by any means. The bc sent includes the _row and _col of the modified cell. The routine can use this information to update data, summaries etc.

Round Values in Views

Specify that the Values in this column will be displayed as rounded, though their underlying values will remain double-precision. Once set, you can select the rounding level in the column's edit menu.

Protect from Edits

Values in this column will not be able to be edited from Table Views. They can still be edited directly from the Table Editor window.

Include in Gantt Row info

Set this option to include this column's information in the Gantt View window. In a Gantt View of this table, clicking on a bar in that view shows a window with some details of that row.

Reset Property on Edit

This will cause cells that have a different cell property thatn the default, to revert to it once edited. Enables a user to track their edits visually.

Right Justify Title / Centre Title

The Column Title is left justified by default. Change that with these options.

Don't Show Zeros

Suppress the display of Zero values in cells in this column. Helps make some tables easier to read.

Write using Fixed Width

When this option is turned on, the column is written/exported using fixed width formatting. With this option on the column width (if non zero) field and the column alignment (Left,Right,Centre) take effect when the data in that column is written. If shorter than "width", the column is padded with spaces. If wider than "width", the column is cropped.

Hide Repeated Values

When this option is set, any cells immediately below an initial cell whose values are identical, will not be displayed, reducing clutter, making tables easier to read.

Keep Private

This will keep the display of the column empty in a view and cause "*"s to be displayed for editing the value/label in a field. It does not affect the popup label list so it should be used with the "Edit Labels In Place" option. No protection is provided for copying the column into the clipboard (the option is intended to make password entry possible where you would start with an empty cell)

Edit Labels In-Place

Use this option to enable the user to type existing or new label names, with the table cell indices being updated automatically to point to the newly referenced labels.

Rename instead of Adding Labels

(Works in conjunction with Edit Labels in Place Option) Add the "Rename Instead of Adding Labels" option to enable the user to rename a number of existing indices, without the table indicies being changed (as long as they are not 0).

Column Title Tool Tips

Shows the Column Title as a Tool Tip when hovering over the Column Title in the Table Editor Window, or in a Table View.