Track Colour Change Threshholds

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Track Colour Change Thresholds

Planimate® calculates track utilisation by recording the total time a track segment has been occupied as a proportion of the total simulation time. This yields a value between zero and 1.

The level of utilisation of a track segment ( ie the level of traffic over the section) is indicated visually during a model run by means of various colours. When the running average (cumulative) of track utilisation moves over certain thresholds Planimate® changes the colour of the segment.

There are four levels of utilisation that Planimate® displays, as follows:

  • Idle = Blue Idle Threshold 0.05 (0.5%)
  • Busy (1) = Light Grey Busy Threshold 0.5 (50%)
  • Busy (2) = Yellow Blocked Threshold 0.8 (80%)
  • Blocked = Red

You can set the threshold for changing of the colours by selecting the Section Colours in the Track menu. The Decay Rate option is not available at this time.