Track Section Type

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The following types of tracks are available:


Only one track is available for a train to travel on between passing loops or stations. If a train is being followed by a train with a higher priority, then it will pull into a passing loop to let the higher priority train pass it.

Double (No Overtake)

Two tracks are available for trains moving between loops or stations. One track carries only "up" trains, the other carries only "down" trains. There is no overtaking on the track sections, only at loops as for single tracks.

Double (Overtake)

As above, however a higher priority train following the train on the track can make use of the other track to overtake, if it is available.

Double (Any Overtake)

As above, however now any train can use any track to move, as long as it is available.

Double (Other Road on Closure)

Works like No Overtake except if a road is closed, then the train may use the other road if its available.

Triple (Shared Track)

One road is assigned to carry traffic in each direction and the third road can be used in either direction.

Triple (Any Overtake)

Any of the three roads can carry traffic in either direction.

Four Tracks, Five Tracks, Six Tracks

Any of the number of roads can carry traffic in either direction.