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A range of settings is available for you to configure each of the Track Objects in your network.

Overall Track Properties

You can use the options provided in the Track Object Editing menu to:

  • Change the end points of the track over to other portals,
  • Swap the flow direction of the track between the existing portals
  • Delete the track

Track Type

Changing the Track Type changes the capacity of the Track Object.

A Single Road Track is the default, and there are options for Double and Triple Road Tracks that provide for different behaviours in high traffic conditions.

The following types of tracks are available:

Only one track is available for a train to travel on between passing loops or stations.
If a train is being followed by a train with a higher priority, then it will pull into a passing loop to let the higher priority train pass it.
Double (No Overtake)
Two tracks are available for trains moving between loops or stations. One track carries only "up" trains, the other carries only "down" trains.
There is no overtaking on the track sections, only at loops as for single tracks.
Double (Overtake)
As above, however a higher priority train following the train on the track can make use of the other track to overtake, if it is available.
Double (Any Overtake)
As above, however now any train can use any track to move, as long as it is available.
Double (Other Road on Closure)
Works like No Overtake except if a road is closed, then the train may use the other road if its available
Triple (Shared Track)
One road is assigned to carry traffic in each direction and the third road can be used in either direction.
Triple (Any Overtake)
Any of the three roads can carry traffic in either direction.

Track Direction Options

"Forward" is a movement from the start point to the end point of the track, as indicated in the Track Object Menu. An item travelling along the Track object having begun from the start point, is travelling Forward.

Setting the "Only Forward Traffic" option makes the track only accept items entering on to it at its "Start" location. Effectively this enforces a single directional track.

The 'Forward' direction starts at the portal shown in the 'From' line of the track's menu.
When Planimate® looks for a track to use to send a train on its next trip step, it will only consider tracks which 'begin' from this portal.

This includes Tracks that are bi-directional, (the default setup), and tracks set to 'Only forward traffic' who begin (the 'From' designation) at this Portal. An 'Only Forward' track will be ignored when the Track Logic does its lookahead through a portal, checking for ONCOMING traffic, and recognises that this track only moves traffic away from the portal.

Track Availability

Individual Roads in Track sections can be rendered unavailable for periods of time by setting its 'Control' value, which is found in the Track Network Settings Table.