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The operation will insert a row at the nominated position and set cells in that row to the item attribute vaules where the column name has the same name as the item attribute.


  • Numerical values will be set regardless of the formatting of the columns (cells) or item attributes.
  • Matching item attribute and column names are NOT case sensitive.
  • Columns that do not have a tuple match will contain the coluns default value.

Report Tuple Deails when pressed with load the default text reader and report the item attributes (by class if there are more than one item flow through the routine) that match the column names of the specified table.


An item has the following attributes (only):

i.ID = 1111

i.Colour = Blue

i.Size = Large

A table named Location exists as follows:

ID Name Colour Location
2345 Turner Red Hobart
3523 Lisbon Green Brighton

Applying the Routine Operation TupleInsertFromItem((t.Location.Row(2))

Would insert a row between row one and two and set the (new) second row values to the following:

ID Name Colour Location
2345 Turner Red Hobart
1111 {Default} Blue {Default}
3523 Lisbon Green Brighton



  • Column Location and Name will be set to the default column values as there is no item attributes called Location or Name.