Value Or Reference

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This dialog enables you to enter some data into the model. It can be a parameter for an object such as a Multiserver's capacity or parameter to a routine operation if the UseDialogReferenceEdit option (Platform INI options, Routine section) is set to "True".

You can type the reference directly into the field or press F2 to insert a reference created using an interactive dialog. If some text is highlighted, any selection made using the F2 dialog will replace it.

Context lists of availablle attributes are displayed when you type, including i. for item attributes, p. for portal attributes and s. for system attributes.

Typing Ctrl-F will list functions that may be used directly in the reference. This includes string operations. Typing Ctrl-F after a '.' will list properties. Note that not all properties apply to all object types, the editor will warn of any errors when you close it.

References include an expression language, enabling calculations to be performed on the fly when the reference is looked up.