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Viewports enable the contents of another panel to be shown in the current panel.

Viewports are highly configurable displays.

The following are options on a viewport.

Directly Handle Clicks

When this option is selected, any clicks within the viewport are passed to the panel within. This enables buttons and item clicks within the viewport to work as if the viewport was the main window.

Once you turn this option on, you will only be able to edit the viewport by clicking just outside its border line as clicks within the viewport will be handled by the panel being viewed.


Selecting this option makes the viewport a floating, moveable window rather than the default which is a fixed window. Floating viewports are not well supported and you are better off using a popup panel if you require this function.

Show Scroll Bars

This option controls if scroll bars are visible on the viewport. With this option off, the viewport will display whatever region you have configured and the end user will be unable to move it.

Show Border

This option controls if a border box is drawn around the viewport.

Open on Double Click

This option controls if a double click within the viewport takes the user to the panel which the viewport is showing. This is useful when the viewport is a "preview" of a panel containing more content for the user.

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