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A range of options are provided, which can vary from object to object.

Common options

Option (default) Description

Only for Model Editors (Off) Sets the Paint Object to be seen only by a model Developer. It is not then seen by Model users in InterDyne view.

No Button Effect (Off) If a Paint Object has a Click Action, then Planimate® provides a button-like effect by default to provide feedback as the click occurs. This option turns off the effect and the feedback.

Scope Control Attributes to Parent (Off) This is an advanced option for use in application development and dynamic interactive inheritance management. When this option is set, the visibility control and state control attributes (where present) for the paint object will be looked up using the scope of the parent object of an object instead of the scope of the paint object itself. This means that paint objects throughout a model can share a control attribute located in scope of their ancestor object without the control attribute having to be in scope of every paint object in the model that wants to use it.

Default Click on Enter (Off) Causes the Paint Object to be "clicked" if the user presses <ENTER> on that panel. The "No Button Effect" option doesn't disable default ENTER handling of buttons.

Paint Buttons

Auto Fit to Text (Off) Fits the button to the text's width.

Real Time Tick Update (Off) Causes Planimate® to update their image if their state has changed (eg: in a real time tick broadcast). This enables animations to occur using paint button states without a forced repaint. This option should only be turned on for objects which need it as it requires some background processing.

Send Hover BC Globally (Off) Causes Planimate® to send hover broadcasts (if enabled) for this button globally in the model rather than to the scope of the button as is the default

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