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The operation will copy a paint object that has been registered in the paint object list and paste it on to a nominated panel.  An Inheritance can be set linking the new paint object (will act as a child) to the original paint object (parent).


Using this routine operation with the following attributes:

r.NewObjectIndex = CopyPaintObject(l._Paint Objects[OriginalObject],l._Model Objects[HostPortal],1)

The Paint Object called OriginalObject (registered in the _Paint Objects list) is copied. The copy is placed on the HostPortal portal.  The final flag (Non-Zero) indicates that the copied paint object will act as an inherited paint object.  If this was a zero (0), the new paint object will NOT act as an 'inherited' object.

The Routine Operation will automatically place the created paint object into the _Paint Objects list.  The index of the new Paint Object will be returned (r.NewObjectIndex).

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