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Label lists contain text/value pairs, like C enumerations. Table columns and attributes can be formatted to display and accept input using a label list.

The advantages of using a label list include:

  • A given string is stored only once, reducing replication and chances of errors
  • Tables with millions of rows can use labels without wasting memory for for individual cell strings
  • They are convenient for creating selection lists (eg: combo-box selection cells) and menus
  • A label can be renamed and all references to it will be instantly updated

A number of Routine Operations provide methods to create and modify labels and label lists. The DataSet mechanism handles saving, loading and merging of labels along with other data that uses them.

Modeller Created Label Lists

Default Label Lists

Main article: Default Label Lists

Planimate includes a number of Default Label Lists with useful enumerations that the modeller can extend.

System Label Lists

Main article: System Label Lists

A set of System Label Lists enable the model to access its own internal structure,. Unlike the default label lists, these cannot be altered as label lists; they are defined by another structure, for example broadcasts.

Label SubSets

MultiLabel Lists